A check point that ensures no negligence or human error at the Australian border airports. 

Meet Team ASE

Our Solution

HALO is a checkpoint designed for the Australian Border Security as it combines immigration, customs and declaration into a holistic solution. It helps in micro-imaging and scanning of incoming passengers, luggage, cargo and mail to identify any drugs crossing Australian borders through airports. It ensures that no human intervention or negligence transpire in monitoring our borders.

Implementation Roadmap

Summary Visualisation.jpg

Evan Broumos
Design Strategy & Innovation

 Evan is a full-time Master of Design Strategy and Innovation student, currently also involved in the Design Factory Global Program. He has an Engineering and Human-Centred Design background, and is currently following the path of strategic design as a career. 

Aman Narula

 Aman is a Masters of Design student. He is originally an Architect who wants to increase his perspective on design through his study in Melbourne. Currently working as a graphic designer in Melbourne. 

Suzi Tzuwei Su

 Suzi is on her half way through Master of Design. Having a great interest in how we can apply design thinking and research to our real-life. With an integrated design background, she loves communicating with visual solutions. 

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