A medical check up system that enables you to stay in touch with your health

Meet Team METRO

Our Solution

MediPod is an innovative system that addresses the lack of health literacy

and healthcare accessibility within the population. MediPod enables widespread applications of public health interventions through state-of-the-art medical testing powered by CERN technology. MediPod provides fast, simple and stress free medical check ups, thus reducing the prevalence of preventable conditions

and improving health overall.

Implementation Plan


Jennifer is a senior at Pace University studying Computer Science with a minor in Graphic Design. She aspires to be a User Experience Designer because she believes a flawless user experience is crucial for any product.


Myriam is a junior at Pace University studying Health Sciences with a concentration in Global Health. She is passionate about improving health in communities across New York City and aspires to continue her studies and become a physician assistant.


Noah is a junior at Pace University studying Computer Science and Mathematics.He enjoys devising and implementing creative solutions to complex problems.


Juhi is an international graduate student at Pace University studying Information Systems. She aims to be a Data Scientist in the Information Technology sector

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